Gonnesa – Fontanamare – Porto Paglia – South Sardegna
The closest town to our B&B is Gonnesa, a small mining centre that is rich in cultural traditions, as many towns in Sulcis Iglesiente area are.

After the local mines closed down, people started to believe that tourism can be a good economical perspective. In fact in Summertime, some shops open at night and many events are organized for tourists. For example, Gonnesa Corre (Gonnesa runs) is the main sport event in July, attracting several athletes from all around the world. Another important event is the Holy Mary (Madonna di Tratalias) pilgrimage: a big religious procession on beautiful traditional carts (so called “traccas”, pulled by muscular oxen or farm tractors). The best part of this area is the seaside with its wild nature, far from mass tourism destinations.

Gonnesa Seacoast
Even though Gonnesa has only one wide long beach we usually talk about four beaches, as many as the available access points to the seashore. All of them have a car park.

Please find a short description of Gonnesa beaches, starting from Porto Paglia and its ancient tuna workshops, completely restored in 1990s.

Porto Paglia
The first beach is called Porto Paglia. That’s where you can look up to an old tuna-fishing village today completely restored. It is the ideal beach for who wants to live an authentic experience in direct contact with nature, with no restaurants or cafés on the beach but only the relaxing sound of the waves, the golden beach, the densely growing evergreen shrubs around the sandstone cliff reflecting in the clear sea water.

Spiaggia di Mezzo
The second beach is Plagemesu (Sardinian name for Spiaggia di Mezzo), with an amazing sea and long golden beach with restaurants and cafés and bathing establishment equipped with showers.

The last beach is Fontanamare and it is organized as the previous one with all the facilities for a whole day at the beach. Here winds suddenly change their direction and strength and make it an ideal destination for lovers of water sports, such as kite-surf, windsurf e kite.

Trips to Gonnesa
The whole area of Gonnesa is recommended for natural excursions and outdoor activities: trekking, mountain-biking or horse-riding. here you will discover the unpolluted countryside, faunal variety and biodiversity.